Piano It is not necessary
to change the notes
of the piano.
What is necessary
is to know
the way of harmony.
-- Hazrat Inayat Khan

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We are indebted to the many volunteers that have worked to make the writings on this site available in other languages.  We will just mention a few of the individuals who made this site possible on this page.


Murshida Darvesha Victoria MacDonald Web site e-mail

Murshida Darvesha Victoria MacDonald asupplied many of the translations for this site. She has led groups in Sufi practices, meditation, deep ecology, expressive dance and the Dances of Universal Peace for the past 20 years, with a focus in Latin America for the past 15 years. She is the Chair of the Mentor Teachers Guild Guidance Council of the Dances of International Peace, and a Ziraat Experienced Farmer. It was her love of nature that led her in the early 80’s to the Himalayas, where she magically encountered the Buddha Dharma and received teachings on Interdependence. Since then, she has dedicated her life to helping others realize we are interconnected and inseparable; that as the whole flourishes, so do we as individuals; and that a life dedicated to the service of this realization is what makes us happy.   http://darvesha.net/      

Farrunnissa Rosa    e-mail   

Farrunnissa Rosa was the guiding light that brought this website into being. She is a certified Dance teacher, a Senior Dance Mentor and member of the world-wide Mentor Teachers Guild for the Dances of Universal Peace, and a Sheikha (Sufi guide) in the Sufi Ruhaniat International. She founded the Rose Heart Sufi Community in the the Triangle area of North Carolina. She leads Dances and workshops across the eastern U.S.

Leonor C. Andrade C.  e-mail

Leonor C. Andrade C. is a mureed in the Sufi Ruhaniat. She supplied many of the Spanish translations for this site.

Mansoora Bettina Chiappo e-mail

Mansoora Bettina Chiappo is a mureed in the Sufi Order International. She has supplied a number of Spanish translations for this site.

Sylvia Murillo Diaz e-mail

Sylvia Murillo Diaz is a mureed in the Sufi Ruhaniat. Sylvia has translated material into Spanish.

Ameena Maria Grazia Fumagalli  e-mail

Samia Anna Gasteva is from Salo Breshia, Italy. She translates material into Itallian. She has a number of published trnslations. The published translations are available here: https://it.blurb.com/

Samia Anna Gasteva (Анна Гастева)  e-mail

Samia Anna Gasteva is a mureed in the Sufi Ruhaniat. She translates material into Russian.

Kent Palmer  e-mail

Kent Palmermaintains a repository of the writings of Sufi writings in various languages. This web site displays the content of his data repository.

Julia Zhukova (Юлия Жукова)  e-mail

Julia Zhukova is a mureed in the Sufi Ruhaniat. Julia translates material into Russian.


Translation Team (International Sufi Movement-USA-Midwest) Web site     Translation Workers Web site

The translation team includes: Murshida Nuria Stephanie Sabato, Hafiz Barbin, Amina Maria Grazia Fumagalli, Sitara Lebon, Alima Petra Mooijman, Suria Senicheva, Hakima Wuster, and others. For information on these translators see the International Sufi Movement - USA Web Site.